Tuesday, 22 February 2011

An evening with Max

Dinner time with Max can be a tiring, frustrating and hilarious affair.

Look at this innocent face. He wouldn't do anything remotely naughty would he?

Oh look. How did that get there?

Ha ha ha, Daddy has to clean it because I'm too little!

Max Has also started to crawl everywhere (it looks more like swimming at the moment) and he loves to grab, topple and play guitars.

This is not a good picture, but If you can imagine how nice it is to come home, walk up the stairs and be greeted by this little monkey peering round the door and giving off little screams!
So, to round off the evening, we read one of Max's favourite books before bath, bottle and big long sleep. Until about 5 - 6am. Mysteriously I have developed a terrible hearing problem and am unable to be woken and poor Kaye has to get up.

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  1. Hilarious! Love the mealtimes! And Max has so many teeth!