Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lazy blogger...

Okay, so it has once again been a fair whack of time since I added anything at all to this blog, but to be fair I am not time rich (or indeed, just rich) and since the last update we have opened a new shop and other small time consuming activities - so I'll let myself off.

We've had Christmas since my last post (as you will have too, I'm sure). Here is a little video of Max seeing the Christmas tree for the first time. We put it up after he went to bed - this was 5.30am because he was going through a phase of thinking that was a good time to wake up. 


It is hard to remember what's been going on. We also went on the train to see Isobel for her 3rd birthday.


It should have been a fun journey, but alas it took 6 hours because some filthy little imbecile figured it would be okay to steal the power cables further down the line.

Max really enjoyed the bouncy castle at Isobel's party (although there was the scary deflation near-disaster) even though all the other kids were much bigger and largely female.

Back to Christmas, here is Max in a great outfit his Granny kindly sent.

Well, there we go. An actual new post. With so much to catch on I think I'd better spread it over a few postings. That's all for now - thanks for watching kids!

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