Sunday, 27 March 2011

Since we've been gone...

So many things have happened since my last post, I hardly know where to begin! We had a lovely visit from Granny (sadly Max looks a little miserable in this pic...but don't they look alike! I'm not saying Granny looks miserable...I mean..oh you know).

We had some actual sunshine last week! Max and Hamish (tolerant cat) and Mummy played outside to get some vitamin D. I'm surprised Max hasn't grown up with a floppy skeleton due to lack of sunshine. Still, there is hope as he officially became an Australian citizen! Phew!
Mummy took this picture, not realising that Max had a good grip on Hamish's tail. Whoops! Still looking innocent though!

Since my last post Max has learned to clap! He also blinks on command and waves, leans to the left (literally and probably politically I suspect) and also learned to have a good cry when told firmly by Daddy that its not a great idea to play with plug sockets and drawers. Below is picture taken by my old school pal, Joe. It shows skill number 1 in action, serves as proof that Daddy needs to throw away that yuppie shirt (I'm actually slim and handsome - the shirt makes me look that way darn it!) and could also, perhaps be used as evidence that Daddy allowed Max to have half a KitKat. I can hear all the perfect parents tutting. Tut away my friends, but you only live once.
Below is Max awaiting his first ever Pizza in Pizza Express (yes Pizza and KitKat - I normally give him a superb diet!!!!) looking very pleased and growds ups.
And here is a picture of Max thoroughly enjoying his first ever ride in a shopping trolley seat! I luckily took this picture BEFORE I failed to notice Max slump to the side and get stuck. There were tears and I added the incident to my Big Book of Guilt. Every parent should get one.

Oh no! Another KitKat situation! Call the parent cops on Daddy!!!!!!